“I Know You’re Busy, But…..”

In Marketing, Sales on June 24, 2016 at 5:30 pm

Stop right there! These words must never be uttered. Not on a face-to-face sales call, not on the phone, not in an email.

Yes everyone is busy. Time is valuable and we can never get it back. When someone says this to me, my exact thought is: “Then why are you interrupting me / wasting my time?”

The major problem with the statement for a sales person is that it discredits you instantly as a sales person. The prospect immediately sees you as an interruption and not a resource. 

In fact, I find it more beneficial as a sales person to avoid mentioning how much time you will take at all. Better to say something like: “3 quick points about my widget”. Get them thinking about it your product or service. Get them hungry for more. When using the “3 quick points” language, you allow the prospect to track along and know there is an end in site without being attached to aclock or some arbitrary time constraint. 

Advanced tactic: say you have 3 quick points but only give them two. Follow up the two points with an uncomfortable silence. See how many want to hear the third point. 


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