Worries and Complaints

In Personal Development on July 1, 2016 at 6:52 pm

If there are two greater wastes of time, I have not yet identified them. I used to do both of these things, and on occasion find myself drifting back into those patterns. 

Recently I have realized that worrying caused me a great deal of stress and anger over the years. And for what? One would think that being diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder would fix that. One would think.

I used to live to complain as well. I could find the negative in most anything. I realized I was pushing people away. Well, not complainers. They wanted to be around me so they could complain. What a beating.

I decided that the negative energy of complaining and worrying was doing me more psychological, emotional damage than any illness ever could. I decided to remedy myself by making a conscious choice to be positive. It really was that simple.

I challenge you if you’re reading this to do the same. Be a beacon that draws positive people more near to you. Stop complaining and worrying. They are both a zero sum game. 


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