We’re Talking About Practice

In Sales on July 6, 2016 at 5:30 pm

And as the quote continues, “how silly is that?” 

I love this dialogue between Allen Iverson and a reporter back in 2001. As you know, great athletes become great with practice. We don’t see the practice, but trust me without it they would just be mediocre. 

As a sales person, it is important that you practice your pitch as often as possible while no one or at least only those close confidants and teammates of yours’ see. You really do need to come across as polished when you make that sales call either in person or over the phone. Just today I received a call from someone that used my voicemail as there practice field. They read straight from the script for 93 seconds. Normally, I would have just ignored the rest of this message, but I needed it for content. 

Should you have a script? Yes. Should you read directly from it? No. Learn it. Don’t just memorize it, learn it so you can work your way back if you get interrupted. Practice, practice, practice.

Yes AI, we’re still talking about practice.


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