Choose Wisely

In Personal Development, Uncategorized on July 8, 2016 at 5:30 pm

Hate is an easy choice. Hate is all around us. Log on to social media. Turn on the television. Listen to your neighbor speak. There is seemingly no escape from hate. Hate is all around.

Few things in this world are as toxic as hate. In terms of human emotion and expression, I’m not sure there is anything more toxic. The thing is, hatred is a choice. We are not born to hate, we choose to hate, and again, it is an easy choice.

Hate erodes your soul and everything around it. Those who regularly choose and express anger and hate have a greater tendency to suffer from elevated blood pressure, anxiety, and poor circulation leading to a greater risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. Yet, hate is still the easy choice.

Far better I think to choose LOVE. Sure LOVE leaves you feeling vulnerable. LOVE is often times hard to express because we may feel betrayed, rejected, or disappointed when the feeling does not return to us from our interactions. Still LOVE is the best choice.

LOVE may indeed be the Holy Grail. For we must choose, but choose wisely. For LOVE will bring you life, but hate will take it from you. Those who have professed LOVE abundantly throughout history are truly immortal. Though they may no longer walk on this Earth, they are seldom forgotten.

I am often discouraged and heartbroken by the things that I read on social media. And I sometimes worry about those that may buy in to the “hatred mentality” that is being espoused. If someone does not believe like we do, think like we do, or look the way we do; why must we hate that which we do not understand. Hate is the easy choice.

If history has taught us anything, surely it has taught us that hate never wins. Sure a battle may be conceded here or there, but hate never truly wins. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only LOVE can do that”. These are the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. So eloquent, so true.

I have myself struggled with anger and indifference for a good portion of my life. I made a conscious decision recently to defeat this demon, this “me against the world” mentality. It is not easy, and there are days that I struggle, but I have decided that LOVE must prevail. If I want to see a difference in the world, LOVE must prevail. If I want to see a difference in my life, LOVE must prevail. LOVE must prevail.

I hope that you will choose LOVE as well. Certainly no words of mine can make decisions on your behalf. All I can do is write it here and hope that it causes you to think.

LOVE must prevail.


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