Audience of One

In Marketing, Sales on July 10, 2016 at 8:51 pm

There are times in sales and marketing when you wonder if anyone is listening to anything you have to say. Persistence is the key.

You could change up your approach, your messaging or your frequency. When I worked for Pfizer, we changed up our messaging once per quarter. The core message was the same, but we changed up the visuals and sometimes the order of the details. This kept the message fresh considering you would see the same doctor between 12 and 24 times per year. 

Though you may feel that you are merely repeating yourself to an audience of one, the prospect may be tuning some of your message out. On average it takes a prospect 9 times of hearing the same message to truly know what it is you are trying to sell them. It is one of the reasons that the B2B sales cycle is so long. 

Be patient, be persistent. What are some ways that you try to keep your message the same?


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