Keeping Score

In Personal Development on July 16, 2016 at 7:04 pm

When you do something g for someone, there is a tendency to remember and wonder, “what is in it for me?” If you do enough favors for an individual and the favor is never returned (in your eyes), you start to add it up. This my friends is keeping score. 

If you are doing favors for people and keeping score you are you really doing a favor for them? If you’re keeping score, you are likely headed for heartache. Instead maybe try either saying no or just performing the favor with a happy heart. If you do indeed choose to do it without expecting anything in return you will truly be happier provided that you are not over committing yourself. Now, should that individual do you a solid, they may decide to keep score. Don’t feel obligated to play the game with them.

Game, set, match!


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