Focus vs. Fluff

In Communication, Personal Development, Sales on July 19, 2016 at 5:05 pm

One of my greatest strengths is also a tremendous weakness. 


When I am truly engaged and working, I can drown out almost anything. I have the ability to cut to the chase immediately and ensure that business is handled in a timely manner. I get things done.

Though sometimes I am so focused that I forget to address the fluff (my word for relationship building words and phrases). Don’t get me wrong, I think fluff is important, I’m just very task driven. 

Some get lost in the fluff. In sales, I call these individuals “professional visitors”. They have the best relationships, but the business never really extends beyond the surface encounters of the visit.

There is a fine balance and when you find that balance you start to reach more of your sales goals. Have you ever witnessed that sales person that can go into an account and appear to be just visiting but also able to get the pitch and the close in without anyone really noticing? They’ve got the balance and people love them. That’s why they get the business. 

Start paying attention to your sales call tendencies and figure out what you are. It is important to be yourself, but if you can tweak things just a bit, you and I can both achieve balance.

Fluff up your focus a bit, or focus up your fluff. 


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