Not A Real Estate Agent

In Sales on July 24, 2016 at 10:15 pm

Im not a real estate agent, and I do not play one on TV. I recently sold my neighbor’s house in a social media app called “Nextdoor”.

I know this post is going to ruffle feathers, and I’m OK with that as long as someone benefits from it. Let me get to the gist of the lesson before I get to the story.



Lesson over. Here is the story (paraphrased for you sake).

Interested home buyer: I’m interested in buying a home in ABC Neighborhood.

Agent 1: I am a real estate agent, I would love to help you. Check out my profile.

Me: my neighbor just put a FSBO sign in their yard. Let me get the number for you. (Interested home buyer liked my post)

Home owner in a different neighborhood: my home is for sale, come see it (she posted this 3 times, I’ll spare you).

Agent 2: I am a real estate agent too. Check out the link to this home. 

Interested home buyer: that home is under contract.

Agent 2: the site is not always up to date.

Interested home buyer: it’s been under contract for two weeks.

Agent 3: I am a real estate agent too. Check out the link to this home in a totally different neighborhood.

Me: (15 minutes later) the number is 555-555-5555. Give them a call. The home is beautiful.

Two weeks later, my neighbor informed my wife that I sold their house for them. The sign was in their yard less than 24 hours. 

Why was I able to do this? I listened to the buyer. I was not trying to sell them something that would make me money. I sold them what they wanted. I hear people all the time talk about what a pain in the ass the home buying process is. I’ve been through it myself twice. Agents showing me properties that were out of my price range and out of the areas I was interested in. Who benefits from this? 

Agents I know you are all taught the same system that worked for the person before you, but trust me; those that stand out perform the best. Look at the top performing agents in your firm, they sell differently than the other 90% of you. Take note.


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