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Getting to Know You

In Personal Development on April 7, 2017 at 4:24 pm

Self-awareness seems to be somewhat of a hot topic these days. Whether or not someone directly comes out and calls it self-awareness, I have heard it no less than a dozen times in the last two weeks.

To be honest, I never really thought much about it until recently. I know there are certain things that I am good at, people who I gravitate towards, and tasks that I enjoy more so than others. When you look at the big picture, identifying why I am good at these certain skills, or why I hang with the people who I do, and why I enjoy certain tasks really does come down to my personality type.

How does one become self-aware? The simple answer: pay attention to yourself. The difficult answer (which really isn’t that difficult) survey yourself. Make notes. Understand the “why.”

Years ago I worked for the drug manufacturer Pfizer. We participated in the DISCovering Yourself and Others personality inventory. I’m sure it is called something different, but you can Google DISC personality and find a number of resources. In fact, you can even take a free survey online that will give you a brief synopsis of your personality tendencies. The synopsis is shockingly identical to the results that I saw during my Pfizer days. I encourage you to do the same, but don’t focus on your perceived weaknesses revealed in the survey. Instead, focus on the positive and improve on that. Go with your instinct.

As for me and my self-awareness, I have and I guess will always be the type of person that likes to get things done and will typically do them myself. I like fast paced activities and high energy, positive people. It is no wonder then that my DISC profile is “DI,” and specifically I identify as a “persuader” and an “implementer.” Makes sense if you know anything about my personal and professional background.

Let me know what you DISCover about yourself.

Full Disclosure–There are many other personality inventories and they all say pretty much the same thing about you. I am in no way affiliated with DISC or any of its entities, and I’m sure that the others are great. I just happen to have experience with DISC.


Failure Casts A Long Shadow

In Image on December 13, 2011 at 10:39 am

I heard the title of this post on a podcast the other day. It was so profound. Before I give up the source of the quote, hear me out. The quote in full reads: “Failure casts a long shadow, but the minute you begin to fear that failure you’re done.”

We are trained to fear failure from an early age. Failures are foolish. Failures are different. Failures don’t get it. Failures don’t fit in. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Fitting in? If you really consider your fear of failing I’m willing to bet that it is not a fear of failure at all. It’s a fear of failing to fit in.

A Hall of Fame baseball player will fail at batting seventy percent of the time. Advertising fails at converting prospects into customers ninety-six percent of the time if not more. We tend to magnify our own failures more so than others do. And that magnification is what makes us freeze up and do nothing.

A bit of honesty from me: I still have a bit of the fear too. But I’m working on it. My challenge to you is the same one that I am involved in. Question your fears. What is your fear? Failing at what? What are the consequences of that failure? Instead of saying “failure is not an option” start saying “fear of failure is not an option”. Take that first step. They say (I love quotes from they, their credibility is impeccable) the first step is the hardest.

As for the source of the quote: my favorite comedian Jay Mohr; taken from his podcast Mohr Stories. Comedians are a different breed. I’m guessing they know a thing or two about the fear of failure. After all, they walk the last ten feet. That ten feet from backstage to the microphone and then bear their souls for the audience every night. What if they get heckled? What if they are not funny? They still walk the last ten feet and make it happen.

What are you afraid of? Failure? Or Failure to fit in?

Google+…Really, One More, Why?

In Interactive on November 17, 2011 at 4:28 pm

Well, I did it. I finally signed up for Google+. I’m told there are 40 million Google+ users. Where are they? No matter.

Why did I do it? Vanity is probably the best answer to that. Really it’s because I am in the middle of starting a new business and since Google controls the majority of search traffic in this world, I figured I could not afford to be there. So I signed up and created a personal page and a business page. If you are wondering whether you should join or not, here are some questions to ask yourself:

Do I have a business or a cause to promote?

Will I log in and use it?

Can I grow personally from being on there?

Really that is what it comes down to. I find it has the format of Facebook, seems to have a news feed layout and the ability to add photos, but is a lot like Twitter in the sense that the recommended people to follow are for the most part people you don’t know.

I’m sure that once I have downloaded the app and played around on it for a while that I will come around. As for now, the jury is still out.

What do you think? Are you on Google+?

Thank You Mr. Jobs

In Image, News on October 6, 2011 at 12:28 am

I have a confession: I used to hate Macs. When I was in college that is all they had in the libraries to type your papers. Keep in mind this was just before the dot-com boom. In fact, you could take a course to learn how to search the Internet.

Fast forward just three years and I hear if the iPod for the first time. A doctor friend of mine had his entire music collection on a 40G iPod. And the sound quality, “forget about it”. I had to have one. I became obsessed. Two months later I opened a Christmas present from my wife…a first generation 10G iPod. I took it everywhere. No more burning CDs to make long road trips bearable. Airline flights became nightclub-like.

In 2007, I saw the first iPhone. No way. It’s actual real Internet pages. Once again I became obsessed. The only problem was, now I had a BlackBerry. I lived BlackBerry. I had one of the original Motorola two-way pagers so the keyboard was right up my alley. I was even using the HP iPaq before most. For some reason I became content to stick with the BlackBerry.

Two years later, my wife got an iPhone 3G. I admit I was jealous, but still could not part ways. I did not like the spring board for typing. Then my oldest daughter list her mobile phone and iPod touch privileges for about three months and I discovered the world I had been missing. All the apps. My email. The web…real Internet pages. And Twitter, can’t forget Twitter.

I cashed in the BlackBerry for an iPhone 3GS. Ad I sit here typing out thus blog post, I’m doing it from…you guessed it, my iPhone. This thing has changed my world. It has changed my perception of Apple and Macs. After using the iPhone, I realized that my next desktop computer had to be a Mac. Two months ago, I did it…I purchased a brand new iMac. Holy Cow it is amazing. Just because a visionary made it possible to sir all 350 of my CDs on a tiny music player.

For the record, my household owns 4 iPod Touches (3 now, one got stolen), two iPod Nanos, an iPhone 3, two iPhone 3GS, an iMac, an 80G iPod Classic, and the one that started it all. The original 10G iPod.

Mr. Jobs thank you. You’ve made the world realize that tech and art can coexist. You’ve changed the world of not only art, and tech, but that if business, marketing, production, etc.

You will be missed by many.