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Out of Control

In Personal Development on August 3, 2016 at 5:06 pm

I had a delayed flight yesterday that caused me to miss my connection that would take me home. You’ve probably experienced this before, or at least experienced some kind of disappointment in you life. 

I was surrounded by several people that were not able to control their reactions very well. They placed blame on the airline, the airport, the ticketing agent, etc. none of those listed in the previous sentence had any control over our flight status. Our flight was delayed due to a large thunderstorm.

When your faces with disappointing circumstances, it’s easy to look for someone to blame and start pointing fingers. However, it is also easy to control your reaction to the situation and realize that it is what it is. One man got out his guitar and gently strummed it and sang to pas the time. Some were upset by this. Not me. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the fact that he embraced the situation and did what he could to make himself and others happy. He controlled the controlable. 

When you are disappointed in the circumstances around you, how do you react? Keep moving forward and pick those around you up. 

Control the controlable. 


Expect Disappointment

In Communication, Personal Development, relationships on July 17, 2016 at 11:30 am

Expectactions are a funny thing. Several people expect the world of others. They expect them to act a certain way, dress a certain way, and return favors. I had a former employer tell me during an interview that I was never going to look as good to him as I did during the interview. Harsh, but true. His point was that if he lowered his expectations that he was seldom surprised with outcomes.

I’ve often told people a piece of advice that my church pastor passed on to the congregation during a wedding series: the one thing you should expect from anyone is disappointment. Again harsh, but true. When you expect to be disappointed you actually set others up to look like rock stars. 

I’m sometimes told that this is a cynical way to view the world, but it helps me keep my sanity. What are your thoughts?