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Want to be a Writer…

In Personal Development on July 2, 2018 at 1:31 am

…then write. Advice I received during a podcast or a blog from Seth Godin. Really, it’s true for anything we do, or want to do. Now, that does not necessarily mean you will be a Pulitzer Prize writer, or even a best seller. But how are you going to be a writer if you don’t ever write?

Get started today.


Getting to Know You

In Personal Development on April 7, 2017 at 4:24 pm

Self-awareness seems to be somewhat of a hot topic these days. Whether or not someone directly comes out and calls it self-awareness, I have heard it no less than a dozen times in the last two weeks.

To be honest, I never really thought much about it until recently. I know there are certain things that I am good at, people who I gravitate towards, and tasks that I enjoy more so than others. When you look at the big picture, identifying why I am good at these certain skills, or why I hang with the people who I do, and why I enjoy certain tasks really does come down to my personality type.

How does one become self-aware? The simple answer: pay attention to yourself. The difficult answer (which really isn’t that difficult) survey yourself. Make notes. Understand the “why.”

Years ago I worked for the drug manufacturer Pfizer. We participated in the DISCovering Yourself and Others personality inventory. I’m sure it is called something different, but you can Google DISC personality and find a number of resources. In fact, you can even take a free survey online that will give you a brief synopsis of your personality tendencies. The synopsis is shockingly identical to the results that I saw during my Pfizer days. I encourage you to do the same, but don’t focus on your perceived weaknesses revealed in the survey. Instead, focus on the positive and improve on that. Go with your instinct.

As for me and my self-awareness, I have and I guess will always be the type of person that likes to get things done and will typically do them myself. I like fast paced activities and high energy, positive people. It is no wonder then that my DISC profile is “DI,” and specifically I identify as a “persuader” and an “implementer.” Makes sense if you know anything about my personal and professional background.

Let me know what you DISCover about yourself.

Full Disclosure–There are many other personality inventories and they all say pretty much the same thing about you. I am in no way affiliated with DISC or any of its entities, and I’m sure that the others are great. I just happen to have experience with DISC.

WTF…When to Fail

In Personal Development on July 15, 2016 at 5:15 pm

As often as possible. Take that with a grain of salt of course. I’m not encouraging students to go out and fail all of their classes, or successful business people to run their companies into the ground. I am simply stating that you will learn more from failing than you ever will from success. Unless you choose to sulk and pout about failure, then you are probably not emotionally mature enough to learn from it.

What failure is NOT: a personal label, a badge of disgrace, a way of life.

What failure IS: an opportunity to learn, a time for growth, a motivation to do it better the next time.

I’m not going to lie. It sucks! But you’ve got to suck it up and get back in the game. So go out and fail. Do it often. As the Navy Seals say, fail forward fast. When you are failing your doing. And doing is a heck of a lot better than sitting around waiting, or planning, or just flat out doing nothing.

Quit fearing failure and start learning from it.