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Go! See! Do! Be!

In Personal Development on July 22, 2016 at 5:02 pm

For years, I have told my children that you have one chance in life to go, see, do, and be. One chance without a load of responsibilities to hold you back. Before you know it, that chance is gone and in comes a job, a mortgage, loans repayment, marriage, and kids. Once those things take hold, it becomes harder to live your dreams.

Notice I said, “hard” to live your dreams. You still can, you just have to go about it more strategically. You can still chase your dreams, travel the world, start a business, etc as long as you are taking care of your responsibilities.

You see, the reason I tell my children this is to get them to go after their dreams now without procrastinating. When I was growing up, our dreams were always “some day” dreams. Some day I’ll have enough money. Some day I’ll have the right person to enjoy it with. The problem with “some day” is that some day turns into another, and another, and another until your some days eventually run out.

In a couple of weeks, my 16 year old daughter will leave to study abroad in Europe. I cannot express to you how proud of her I am that she is turning her some day into today. She has had this dream for quite some time, and now she gets to go live her dream. As terrified as this makes me as a parent, I know that she is ready, and that the experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity for her to truly live. She is going to go, see, do, and be; just as I have always told her.

Stop waiting for your some days. GO! SEE! DO! BE!